8 Contemporary Artists Taking Fresh Approaches to Sports

Team Spirit, 2018 by Jansson Stegner

Laura Bannister

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics fast approaching, we’re touring a smattering of contemporary artists who deal with human bodies and sport. Their output isn’t singularly attuned to athletes—with forms lithe and fibrous, brawny and perspiring, faces belying some internal reality—but the bodies and (sometimes violent) gazes of spectators, which are also fixed in suspended alertness, are subject to extremes.

This article was about specific works by contemporary artists. It was interesting to see and read about all the different aspects of sports that each artist was interested in honing in on.

  • Artist, Monica Garza focused on the human form and female body, putting herself within the scenes.
  • Alvin Armstrong is interested in the celebration of black athletes and how they are seen in sports/competition/entertainment vs how they are treated as black people in America.
  • Pell Cass and Anna Park’s work emphasized the capture of movement by athletes in sports.
  • Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi’s work, Suspension, examined young gymnasts “vulnerability, trepidation, certainty” before competition

I can use this as inspiration to ensure my research question is specific and focused on a more narrow topic.

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