The Powerful Benefits of Music in Sports


Patrick Alban

In recent studies, music has shown to help athletes reduce feelings of fatigue, increase their tolerance to pain, and improve their mood and motivation. In addition, athletes who tap into the right music find it easier to block out feelings of panic and worry and in some cases redirect their focus to feelings of confidence and success.

This article is about music as an effective way to enhance athletic performance in training when done right. Upbeat music for high-intensity workouts and softer music for recovery periods. It also suggests that athletes create playlists of their own favorite music and visualize the impact each song has on specific parts of their workouts. The article informs that music is not always the solution for improved performance and training. I thought this quote was interesting,

Some athletes prefer to associate themselves with everything in their environment while others prefer and in many cases need distractions or ways to separate themselves from many of the things in their in the environment.

This is interesting information because I want to help improve athletic performance and sports training using AR. AR offers a way to see virtual images while being present in ones environment. Could be a win-win for everyone…

Science has shown that athletes who need to dissociate themselves from the environment tend to benefit the most from music.

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