Interlocking Collapsible Storage Drawers



From my primary research, I learned that delivery drivers are given different sized orders based off of the type and size of their vehicle. The survey taught me that people love the large cargo space in SUVs but deal with groceries rolling around.

Canoo vehicles bring a whole new meaning to “configuring your car” as every vehicle starts with the same base and allows for a multitude of different builds from there. Their commercial vehicles can be food trucks, product trucks, delivery vehicles, etc. Furthermore, even after purchase, the vehicle is configurable with features like movable shelves, cooling units, and more. This allows the driver to use as much open space as possible throughout the entirety of the vehicle. Since these are EVs, they even have ample frunk space.


Can we create a product that is easily configurable and utilizes the vertical space in the cargo storage area?


This conjecture combines drawers with collapsible boxes in order to create configurable flatpack organizational storage. Drivers can choose how much vertical space is necessary by stacking up to three rows high. Magnets are built into the cargo floorspace and backs of seats to connect to the units and hold them in place. There are also magnets along where the sides meet to keep them secure to each other. To keep items secure in the units themselves, there are slide in doors for the open access ends as well as slide in dividers to help with organization and prevent rolling in the elongated units. The units behind the first row are turned towards the backseat doors for easy access. Drawers are in the units to provide quick and easy access to the items inside without having to move units around or unstack them. The drawers are also extendable single panels without walls to take up less space for when the units are flatpacked together.