Tracking Queer Events



Queer Money Project is a community mapping project of queer-owned businesses and organizations currently focused in New York City. Our goal is to serve as a resource and guide that makes finding queer-owned businesses, services, and providers accessible for members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and allies.

Community Mapping, also called Public Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PPGIS), is a tool that can be used to tell a story about what is happening in our communities.

Other community mapping projects include:

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In a discussion about my project, the thought of queer business owners came into question. This is an interesting topic in itself, but it made me begin to think about how queer people historically progress in society through community events. In a world in which queer people aren’t used to feeling safe and connected to others, they usually latch on to other members of the queer community. Historically, it has been a ‘safety in numbers’ mindset. This “Queer Money Project” is an initiative to provide a resource of queer owned business. This type of mapping is interesting to me because it could be used for other events like financial advising, crypto, and investment events.