No Ice Needed: Put a Refrigerator in Your Car



Christophe Noel provides an in depth review of electric-powered portable refrigerators. Electric portable refrigerators are gaining popularity over coolers. This product solves the problems that come along with having traditional coolers with ice by making users no longer have to worry about issues like constantly buying more ice and waterlogged food items.

Product info like number of options/variations, storage capacity, battery capacity and run-time, safety shut off, charging options, places it can be used, outer dimensions, weight, and an addition of Wi-Fi capability allowing app control are listed. The app lets users control the internal temperature and get notifications about developing problems like unknown temperature changes and lids left ajar or open. Other nonessential features like USB charging ports, internal lights, folding handles, tie down points, crisper basket, and a removable organizer are also listed. It also allows setting for refrigeration or freezing temperatures.

Noel gives the reader ideas for uses listing camping, chilling drinks for hanging out outside, and grocery shopping as examples of how he uses it.


I’ve had a countertop dishwasher before when I was living in an apartment that didn’t have a dishwasher or even space to add one in, but up until finding this article I didn’t know portable mini-fridges were a product. Nonessential features like the USB charging and tie down points show how it was made with camping in mind, but it seems as if it was just made for short camping trips as the battery can only run for 24 hours. Having refrigeration or freezing temps makes it so the user can bring ice cream or drinks, but the user can only have one or the other. It would be nice if there were separate compartments for this.


Publisher: Gear Junkie

Author: Christophe Noel

Date: November 27, 2017