LLENA (AI) Health Solutions, Inc. Collaborates with Walmart to provide personalized healthy grocery shopping on LLENA (AI) Platform



LLENA (AI) Health Solutions, Inc. is a digital diabetes platform. It uses user info like blood sugar, blood pressure, and other preferences to create an individualized glycemic index value meal suggestion on its Cook it Yourself module. In this new partnership between LLENA (AI) Health Solutions Inc. and Walmart, users can order groceries in the Cook it Yourself module and choose to pick them up or have them delivered. The founder of LLENA (AI), Charlotta Carter, partnered with Walmart in order to address healthy eating along with food deserts and food insecurities.


The LLENA (AI) platform is another design with care in mind as it quite literally uses artificial intelligence to help users with diabetes take care of themselves. This partnership with Walmart will allow LLENA (AI)’s users more ease with ordering groceries and getting them into their home for dinner. This partnership could boost the amount of users on the app and the amount of customers shopping with Walmart. This goes to show that grocery stores are continually putting in more effort to draw a larger customer base in with pickup and delivery services. This is a great way to address food deserts and insecurities as people with vulnerabilities keeping them from traveling to the grocery store and back or limiting them for shopping for themselves are attended to.


Publisher: PR Newswire

Date: August 23, 2022

Link: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/llena-ai-health-solutions-inc-collaborates-with-walmart-to-provide-personalized-healthy-grocery-shopping-on-llena-ai-platform-301610455.html