Science & Tech Conjecture: Rings Sleeve


Wearable technology has been a crucial part in the medical field especially in monitoring patients and the recovery of injuries. Medical devices minimize patients visits to clinics and can be based in a home environment but it requires easy facilitation for patients and it needs to accommodate with the daily use and interaction with body parts.

Rings Sleeve is concept of the model of the NeuroLife Sleeve made by Battelle. This design solve a couple of problems. The way the sleeve can be worn by patients independently is with the use of a magnetic banner that helps attach the rings on it. It also help with accurately placing the electrodes inserted in the rings on the right spots by placing the patient’s hand on the hand printed on the banner, and the rings won’t close until the hand print is in the right area.

Some things to consider:

  • Materiality of the rings
  • The size and how it can be customized
  • The user interface with the product