Business Conjecture: Rehab Station


Life post-stroke of a stroke survivor can be very stressful and full of a variety of burdens. One of these burdens is the financial change patients go through. Insurance can only cover a certain number of therapy sessions for patients, but some patients have to do rehab for the rest of their lives.

The Rehab Station provides patients an accessible station for routine rehabilitation activities. It helps in many different ways, first, it can be placed in pharmacies around the city so it’s accessible for patients who have to travel a long distance to therapy sessions. Second, it’s more affordable than buying or renting medical devices and going through maintenance. Third, it can help patients who are not able to accommodate their house environment to install medical devices.

A couple of things to consider are the specific medical information of a patient and how it transforms into the station whether by a QR code on the phone or E textiles attached to the patient’s arm. The second thing is if patients are willing to travel for daily activities instead of home based rehabilitation.