Art Conjecture: Sleeve Shell


Most people with disabilities or physical impairments tend to have traumatic shame which can make living more difficult. The way patients perceive themselves and how they feel could effect their mental health and recovery process.

Sleeve shell can help the patients integrate their fashion style into the medical devices they use on a routine bases. This way it can be worn in public without the need to show any electric chords, lights, or even signs. The sleeve shell design can be chosen by the patient when they first get the medical sleeve for their arm rehabilitation, and can be easily removed and replaced by the clinic staff or the patients themselves if capable. The goal is to make the sleeve separate from the shell and make a slight contact with it without interacting with any of the tech in the sleeve. Even for home-based rehabilitation, this could help the patients feel more comfortable and somehow special when dealing with a customized device with the a patterned shell chosen my them.

Things to consider are:

  • Materiality of the shell
  • Placing/removing the shell
  • Sizes and customs