This Chinese Jewelry Brand Turned Prosthetics Into Wearable Art



Treating prosthetics like wearable art, two designers and a model with a prosthetic leg for almost 20 years come up with the idea of changing the way they look at prosthetics and treat them as a part of art and fashion. Decorative shells were made to be worn on top of the model’s prosthetic leg, as they made three different models with customized details. The designers took 3D scans of the model Yang’s prosthetic limb and legs in order to make a structure that could easily fit over them. The shells are made of nylon and resin. It’s a lightweight material that doesn’t burden the person, with magnets to easily attach the shell to the prosthetic.


It is very common for people with disabilities or physical impairment to feel different and embarrassed in front of others, only a few of them are willing to go out and not hide it. What if it was made to be something special about the person, something that empowers the people and make them feel more confident about it. Wearables in general whether medical or fashionable, are a piece of material placed on the body, and that’s a crucial aspect for designers to consider in their process.