ElliQ: A Tech Companion for the Elderly


ElliQ, a technology companion designed by Intuition Robotics, is a system and interface for use by older adults to promote more engagement via a more active and connected lifecycle. Through a combination of advanced cognitive AI capabilities relying on intensive research and studies of psychology and behavioral science, this empathetic digital companion encourages trust, engagement, and collaboration between itself and the user.

Its cognitive AI has many features offering a proactive, context-aware, personalized, evolving, and multimodal technology capable of goal-based decision making and learning.

ElliQ has the ability to provide soothing encouragement, invitation to games, gentle health prodding, music thoughts, and a friendly voice that learns about a user to comfort them when they’re lonely. It has a simple user interface and a robotic body that moved back and forth during interactions.


I think that this is a particularly interesting case of two things that are typically thought of to be separate things combining with one another: empathy and robots.

The means of using this AI companion to foster a sense of empathy and prevent loneliness to a user is interesting, and this means of cognitive AI being proactive in prompting its user first rather than the typical other way around like with most tech today is something to examine.

This will prove insightful to examine to see if there can be anything extracted from how technology is being used in this product that may beneficially translate to the Neurolink sleeve.

For instance, can the sleeve (or an interface) prompt something to engage in rehab rather than having to rely on the user to pick it up to use it themself? Can the sleeve potentially integrate some aspect of encouragement or verbal cues of care and empathy for the user?