Conjecture: Folding Table System


For the business conjecture, I sketched a concept that more related to productivity. To explain, the two panels on the left and right would fold down into tables and behind these tables would be shelving to facilitate easy storage. Paper, pens, whiteboards, whatever would be needed could be housed in the shelving. The middle panel would serve as a useability feature. The article that talked about the flaws of current makerspace business models is that only “makers” know how to use them. The middle panel would have a QR code to Will’s demos for the HYVE, as well as written instructions. This also related to another article that expressed the need to put humans first, not technology. To make the HYVE less intimidating, there needs to be a resource for new users. These panels would also block out more light which would help with immersion into the hyve. The tables, shelving, and instructions would also lead to further productivity in the space, allowing it to be adapted to the users needs; if they needed more space, they would simply fold the tables back up.

I do not see this as a perfect solution, especially the safety and useability of the tables folding in and out. It leads me to wonder how the infrastructure in that room could change. Right now there is not much wall space and no storage space, could the whole room undergo reconstruction? This may be out of the scope of the project, but it is worth investigating.