What It’s Really Like To Deliver Food For Postmates, UberEats, & Other Apps



Cait interviews three people over their experiences working for one or multiple of four different food delivery apps which include Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, and Shipt. Drivers talk over the positives and negatives of working for one or more of these companies allowing the reader to compare between them. They are asked about the best and worst things that pertain to their work experience, any wild stories they have to share, trends they’ve noticed in customers, how nice the customers are, weirdest delivery items, how well customers tip and if they can see it before delivery, how they deal with angry customers, how they feel about their wage/benefits, how safe they feel delivering, any perks or discounts available to them, and what they wish people understood about their job. 

One driver complains of lack of motivation from wasting time waiting for orders that haven’t arrived yet. Another driver mentions people that order frozen items to be delivered far away in the Florida heat and traffic and exclaims, “Do they think we have a portable freezer in our car?” This same driver also talks about carrying bags upon bags of heavy groceries from her car to the customers door. The interview ends with the participants explaining what they wish people knew about their job with their income being mentioned in each response.


This article gives multiple different takes on what it’s like to deliver food for various companies. The interviewees’ unbridled opinions allow insight on their perceptions of customers, the things that they do and do not enjoy about their job, how they handle issues or conflict, and their pay and benefits. They also get a chance to speak out to customers and potential/current coworkers. 

I thought it was interesting how one participant mentioned the need for portable freezers when traveling with frozen items that will easily thaw or melt in the heat and sun. Realizing their income and benefits aren’t amazing also helps understand what delivery drivers are able to be in the market for. 


Publisher: Refinery 29

Author: Cait Munro

Date: April 12, 2019

Link: https://www.refinery29.com/amp/en-us/working-for-postmates-doordash-job-review