Best Food Delivery Service To Work For



This article compares working for various food delivery services by pay, flexibility, and criteria with UberEats, Postmates, and DoorDash being the top three listed in order. A total of 13 delivery services were compared to each other which include the top three of course as well as Caviar, Instacart, Shipt, Grubhub, Eaze, Amazon Flex, GoPuff, Point Pickup, Saucey, and Favor. UberEats, Postmates, Caviar, and Grubhub are primarily takeout delivery services (unless working with local markets). DoorDash provides delivery from their own warehouses, local restaurants, and local markets. Eaze is a cannabis delivery service. Amazon Flex is a package delivery service. GoPuff is a warehouse grocery delivery service. Point Pickup is a delivery service with plenty of partner stores (Walmart and Kroger being their biggest). Saucey is an alcohol delivery app. Favor is a restaurant and store delivery app.

Reviews of each service provide a run down of the company and job, average pay, worker insights to the pros and cons of working for the company, requirements to work for them, and locations they operate out of. 


This article also touches base on the pros and cons of working for various different companies and puts them in order of which is best. This offers insight into what the workers consider when applying as a hired shopper or delivery driver. The criteria listed for each company shows what workers need to consider before applying.

Delivering groceries requires a vehicle of course but each company is different on the vehicle guidelines. UberEats specifies a 2 or 4 door vehicle, Shipt requires the vehicle to be a 1997 or newer, and Instacart only requires “consistent access” to a vehicle which leads me to think that the vehicle doesn’t have to be under the drivers name as that isn’t made clear. If that is the case, conjectures need to consider that drivers may be using a family or household vehicle that isn’t only just for them.

This article also gave insights on pay compared between services and how that changes hourly depending on the specifics like if they account for mileage used during trips or not. This also considers how shopping for groceries does take more time than just picking up a food delivery, but the pay and tips usually reflect that.


Publisher: The Rideshare Guy

Author: Ezra Dubroff

Date: August 1, 2022