The Double Shot water purifier is one that your pet will love too! It earns its namesake for the companion water dispenser located at the foot that provides fresh H20 to any and all your pets at home or in the office.

The eco-conscious design ensures that any unused water ends up back in the lower bowl so it doesn’t go to waste. The unit also features a sensor system that detects when pets approach and will automatically refill their bowl if it’s empty. With its bead-blasted aluminum and stainless steel accents, it’s also aesthetically less invasive compared to other standalone water dispensers despite having the bonus Fido-loving functionality!


The double shot purifier is an interesting concept due to the fact that it tackles hydration for both human and arias. The avenue of design for animal is something that would be interesting to explore considering that often times house pet especially tend to not drink enough water. I also thought it was unique that they decided to combine both filter together to making a shared experience between the user and their pet and this evaluates the overall design together.