Frunks are the new Trunk


Date: 1/22/2022


Although not one of the biggest frunks on this list at 4.7 cubic feet, the Mustang Mach-E’s front storage area is still bigger than the Mazda MX-5 Miata’s trunk. The Ford’s frunk has also been thoughtfully designed to get the most out of it. There are dividers for storing smaller items that you don’t want rolling around, and the space is water-resistant with a drain which makes it easy to clean. If you really want to, the dividers can be removed to create one larger cargo area. Another advantage to the frunk of the Mach-E is its excellent insulation, making it ideal for keeping things cool or you can use it as a massive cooling box on road trips.

Known as the Mega Power Frunk, the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning has a frunk that is said to be the largest in the truck industry at 14.1 cubic feet. A Mercedes-Benz E-Class has less space in its trunk, which puts into perspective how huge the Lightning’s trunk is. Intriguingly, the Ford’s frunk began life as a rudimentary cardboard prototype as a team of researchers endeavored to discover what would make a frunk as user-friendly as possible.

They’ve done their research well, because not only does the Lightning’s frunk have a 400-pound payload capacity, but several other nifty features. It comes with a drainable floor, bed lamps in the frunk hood, four electrical outlets, two USB chargers, and a 2.4-kilowatt power source for power tools, laptops, and other devices. You can even use your phone and the FordPass app to open the frunk, since it has a powered open-and-close system.


Because electric vehicles don’t need an engine, and operate on battery packs that are most times layed flat to give it a skaeboard design, It leaves the psace where an engine is normally located free to be utlized as something else. Most manufacturers are chossing to use this space to allow buyers to use this as extra storage in their vehicles. THis comes in as a huge plus because if you already have a lot of stuff in the trunk of your vehicle, a free frunk can accomadate extra groceries or miscellanoes items. The trunk in the new F-150 lighting is bog for example, it outdoes the trunk in a typical sedan. The most improtant part is also that care manufacturers are finding new andd innovative ways to accesorise these new storage areas to allow people to use them as ice coolers or even provde special stoage compartments for smaller items.


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