Why EVs are Roomier


Date: 9/21/2021

Link: https://www.lifewire.com/why-evs-are-roomier-5202177

From the outside, electric vehicles might look like little toys compared to larger gas-powered vehicles. Although some might look small on the outside and fit better in smaller parking spaces, don’t let their size fool you: EVs actually pack a maximum amount of room into a minimum amount of space.  

That’s because less is more when it comes to EVs: They have more space than their gas-powered counterparts because EVs have fewer moving parts. Plus, advances in design and technology make many parts of the vehicle smaller in general and give EVs more room for passengers and cargo.

Quite often, EV automakers create a front trunk (sometimes called a ‘frunk’) to use the space effectively. There is usually a back trunk in an EV, too, so that gives many EVs a double trunk for storage.

Some front trunks have dividers so stuff doesn’t move around; aftermarket cargo netting or bungee belts can usually be added, too, to help keep items firmly in place.

Even a compact hatchback model EV can offer great amounts of storage. With the seats folded down in a compact EV, a Christmas tree or even bicycle can fit nicely.


I think this article points out a special outcome of EVs, which is the added interior space and even the additon of what people refer to as the “frunk”. Since EVs don’t need as many parts as their gas powered counterparts, more opportunities arise to use that extra space. This space could eventually be experimented with and be further optimized to really get the most out of this extra real estate.


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