Conjuncture: Bus Stop Connection


Something we heard over and over again and also something I have personally experienced, buses lack consistency. The pain point of having to wait for a bus seems equivalent to watching water boil. Traditional bus stops, if lucky, will consist of a shelter, bench, some sort of signage and some have updated bus tracking.

Why not make bus stops more interactive? When the mind is busy, time typically flies. Through the use of technology and an operating system, bus stops could be more connected in which passengers were able to communicate with one another prior to boarding a bus. This would also create momentum on where a bus specifically was with other passengers being able to see other bus stops in real-time.

Passengers would have the option to tune be a bystander to the conversation or partake in it. An operator would always be available for others to either socially engage with or ask questions so that there would always be an active participant if a conversation was wanting to be had. Operators would also create a sense of safety and security with passengers who actively road the bus.