Medspecs is a software engineered set of glasses that will translate details of a medication bottle ensuring the appropriate medication is selected corresponding with the individual’s health condition identified through their associated health care provider. Upon visiting and consulting with a doctor or pharmacist, Medspecs will be issued containing information that outlines the patient’s condition and the desired medications to treat such condition(s). Once provided, the patient will utilize Medspecs through the application of detecting information on a medication label when examined. Comprehensive data will be generated listing the contents of the mediation bottle, determining if such contents fit the prescription of the patient. As various bottles can be difficult to navigate, difficult to identify, and difficult to assign, Medpsecs will take the guess work out of prescribed medication.

No Searching. No Guessing. No Problem.


  1. I think you have highlighted a key issue in pharmaceutical literacy, and that is the fact that there is a lot of information to sift through. It begs the question of how much people should know before they simply get a brain overload. I think this is a really do-able solution, but it highlights some key issues about information overload. Is there a way to solve this problem without needing yet another technological item?


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