Literacy-Free Job Board


The Literacy-Free Job Board is a solution to allow people without the ability to read or write to apply for jobs easily around their community. Literacy-Free Job Boards are placed at local malls, grocery stores, and parks for convenient access. Illiterate members of the community can use these job board kiosks at no cost to apply for and find appropriate work using video communication with potential employers. Literacy-Free Job Boards makes it possible for those who can’t read or write to apply for and find jobs in their area.

How it works:

Literacy-Free Job Boards direct people through the job application process by using narrated audio through the speaker. The job board includes the ability to search for jobs in the area by scrolling through pictures that show what kind of work is available. Once someone finds a job of interest, they can click on the image to apply. To apply, you simply record a video introducing yourself and your qualifications. Once the video is submitted, it is sent to the employer to review. You can then check back at the Job Board throughout the week and see if you receive video replies from the employer with information about if you got the job or an interview, and next steps to contact them.


  1. I think the video application is relevant to remote interviews due to COVID. I don’t remember all of the comments made in class, but the variety of jobs for those with low-literacy further emphasizes the gap between those with low-literacy and high-literacy so what can be done to lessen that gap? Can employers invest/give those with low-literacy an opportunity to learn on the job? I know Home Depot, for example, gives their store employees a chance to learn how to code and design (providing them with laptops and everything).


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