“olympics” – focus conjecture


“olympics” is a product line of specialized midi instruments that can interact and synchronize via low-latency network connections. I am envisioning that in a few years time this will have more than enough infrastructural support to allow artists to collaborate in real-time over large distances. To be truly effective this distance may only need to be 25-50 miles of distance, however, with the emergence of 5G, this may include much larger spans.

The idea for this conjecture comes from the idea of starting a band during the Pandemic. It seeks to address the problems of meaningfully connecting artists and empowering them to collaborate. These tools are specialized, meaning that each operates and offers a different set of sonic tools from the next. One is a drum machine, another is a traditional keyboard, and the last is a synthesizer tool. The narrative this creates is for individuals to buy one version, and be incentivized to connect with another person who owns a different version. One becomes the “drummer,” the other the “rhythm section”, or the “lead player”.

This model is supported by current equipment trends seen in the music production market. Musicians are always seeking new ways to facilitate musical expression; NAMM exists for this reason.