“triplex” – art conjecture


“triplex” is an idea that aims to gestures at re-contextualizing the traditional concert space. Operating as a communal space in the heart of a community, viewers are invited to step in between the tri-fold of screens to experience new audio-visual experiences.  The concept offers artists the opportunities to rethink the presentation of their work with regards to the visual experience associated with their work.

The idea was sparked after looking at some other musical-visual pieces of artwork that offered a different experiential perspective. Questions explored were, how do concert-goers orient themselves physically and emotionally towards the performer? Is it possible to embrace elements of social distancing to provide a new concert experience? How can you assure safety for performers and viewers in these spaces?

The idea is that performers can collaborate with visual designers and create a unique audio-visual experience that is amplified and facilitated by the large screens. Viewers have the ability to be up close and personal with performers without putting either party at risk. Viewers then have the opportunity to gravitate towards a particular focal point between the screens, dispersing the crowd and allowing groups to stay together more easily.