“Art Hack Day Is Tomorrow at 319 Scholes”


Hyperallergic, by Hrag Vartanian on Jan 27, 2012.

319 Scholes is a hotspot for the tech/art nexus that has a natural home in New York. Art Hack Day aims to bring “together hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is technology.” The space is rich with technological resources and Marko Manriquez of Fabricator’s Guild showed us their Trotec Speed 300 laser printer, which is hooked up to cut into almost any surface you can image. His work on the outside of the 319 space, using moss and an adhesive, was pretty lovely. I liked the idea that a sign can grow and change, transforming a brick wall into a home for a living organism, though they’ll have to replace that soon enough, no?

These two programmers were working on “One Hole Punch” which will punch holes in your environment (aka collects circle forms using your iPhone camera).

F.A.T. Labs is creating a notation language for turntabling. Just think, their invention will ensure that turntablers will be able to share information about new scratches and tricks or transform their art into a new level of abstraction.

For their contribution to Art Hack Day, Reed and Rader are cooking up “Pizza Machine” which will allow visitors to digitally feed pizza to trippy looking models by pressing a pizza-like button.

Some of the hackers in the basement were gold foiling sculptures and making video games using mirrors and LED lights.


There have been plenty events and festivals in my research, but the topic of “hacking” is something interesting to consider as a design solution when I get to that point. Hack Day also made me realize that I wasn’t thinking about the way technology might be important to visual artists in Columbus.