Soundtrap was created in Sweden by an eclectic team of engineers, designers and music producers passionate about music & technology. They were united by the belief that there was a better way to create music collaboratively. With Soundtrap users can plug in their own instrument, use the software instruments available or just record a song directly with their computer microphone.

Because Soundtrap works on Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Linux and ChromeBooks, it allows users to start, edit and collaborate their recordings wherever they are. Everything is stored in the cloud.

It is affordable for schools, and according to music teachers Soundtrap has been a game-changer for their students.

John Churchville is the music director at the Go Like the Wind School. . . in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Churchville says “I have been recording and composing with students for over 10 years. We have used every program we could get our hands on. . . Last year I was introduced to and it changed EVERYTHING.  Soundtrap has been incredibly effective in getting students up and running immediately, composing songs, learning about sound engineering and collaborating. We use Soundtrap to record original music, create soundscapes for presentations, document our live music concerts, teach lessons on waveforms and sound, create soundtracks for videos, and collaborate with students from other schools. . .

Schools use Soundtrap in their projects to foster deep learning and develop students’ creative, collaborative and communication skills. It is perfectly suited for project based learning.


The Digital Audio Workstation or DAW is becoming increasingly more accessible to wider audiences as the years progress.  The studio has graduated from once being a space inside a building that one travels to, housing hundreds of thousands of dollars of production equipment, to being an experience one could create in their home with a couple pieces of gear and some DAW software for a few hundred dollars.  With the creation of Soundtrap, this experience might not only become cheaper, but it could transcend space altogether.

Now the studio can be practically anywhere your smart device has service.  This means that producers have less excuse for working on projects, and more opportunities to exhaust their creative itch.

A point that is brought up in this article is the invaluable opportunities that this product offers in musical education.  An internet based DAW means that general music teachers or professional instructors can expose their students to music production without the need to buy multiple licenses of another DAW, and students can now take what they learned in class and access it at home.

Additionally, Soundtrap has been shown to interface well with some other existing online tools, allowing student more opportunity to craft a unique creative process.  This also opens up the market for plug-in developers and others to tap into a new market.