An Augmented Reality Tool to Sell Art During the Pandemic & Beyond

by Caroline Williamson


Much like every industry, the art and design worlds have been hit hard by the pandemic with museums, galleries, fairs, and shops being closed and buyers being more hesitant to spend during uncertain times. Artists and designers have lost their outlets to physically exhibit work leaving them to rely on the internet to get it seen by the masses. Instead of sitting back and riding out the storm, artists Sebastian Errazuriz and Zander Eckblad, as well as their team of engineers, turned to augmented reality (AR) and decided to do something about it with ALL World. ALL World is a self-publishing platform that allows artists to digitally exhibit and sell their work via augmented reality.

Artists and designers can upload images of their work, create AR exhibitions, and then share it with users, allowing them to visualize the work within their own space. By being able to see the work at scale in context, the guesswork of whether or not it will work dissolves which could potentially create more sales. While it’s a great tool for established artists and designers, imagine what it could do for those just starting out and struggling to get eyes on their work. “There are extreme inefficiencies plaguing the art industry that AR can alleviate,” says Errazuriz. “The Pandemic will usher the next wave of creative expression.

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Due to the pandemic, many museums and art galleries are forced to close. Tourists and art buyers also do not show up because of health concerns. This situation makes it hard for artists and designers to show their works since the nature of art works is multi-dimensional and it does not perform very well on a two-dimensional webpage. However, the application of augmented reality into the realm art display greatly alleviate the problem. The AR technology allows buyers and enthusiasts to appreciate art works online with three-dimensional experience thus making the AR-assisted art display feels like the conventional exhibition.


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