Science and Technology Conjecture: Rear View Camera with Radar Detection


By Liam Smith, 2019

Currently, Garmin makes a combination light and radar, proximity detector for cyclists. This would be an evolution of that, integrating a rear view camera. There are very few cameras made for bikes that can record in the same way a dash camera functions. This would help remedy that gap in the market while integrating other useful features.

In the event of an accident, there is no way to hold the driver accountable if they flee the scene of the crime. Law enforcement often cannot or will not pursue the matter; however, if you have video evidence of the perpetrator and a license plate number it is much easier to take legal action. This camera would activate when the radar detects a contact and record until the vehicle passes the rider.

Radar in a small package adds greater situational awareness for the rider. They no longer have to take their eyes off the road. It can inform them of closure rate and distance so they know what to expect when checking over their shoulder. In combination with a bright rear light, the rider is both visible and in tune with their surroundings. They can take their safety into their own hands and stay accident-free.