Occupy.here: A tiny, self-contained darknet


by Dan Phiffer, Rhizome, October 1, 2013


Unlike most wifi connections, this one wouldn’t let you check your Facebook. It was designed to run entirely disconnected from the internet. Only people physically close enough to the router can could reach the local web forum with their mobile phone or laptop. I imagined it becoming a kind of intranet for Occupiers, filtering users by proximity to specifically support the people at the park.

I need to destroy the zen garden and replace it with something more like a town square. Less tidy, more communal. I would like to create something you would want to use every day to share with people whose opinions matter to you. I’m interested in finding collaborators who have a stake in its development. It’s becoming clear that, collectively, we all need online spaces that aren’t undermined by the surveillance state.

I think this is a very interesting piece about something that is very technology based, but also as an art piece that challenges the status quo of information sharing. This concept might be interesting to dive into for a closed loop community forum where people could share updates about what is going on in the neighborhood.