The Outdated Dashboard


“Dashboards like the A-Class’s make me uneasy, though, since they ditch most hard buttons altogether. This isn’t a trend I’m a fan of, mostly because I find keeping your eyes on the road is easier if you can find your way around a dashboard with touch. Of course, that’s why the A-Class also features conversational voice interactions, letting you just talk to your car to do things like play music or turn on the AC. More on that in a minute.”

My Take: This article brings up a compelling point. Although using a tablet oriented interface is modernizing the classic dashboard, it however will require full attention from the driver looking at it. With the loss of physical buttons, drivers will lose their sense of feel and will in fact have to take their eyes off of the road in order to interact with the touch screen. If this concept is used in tandem with technologies like voice assistance, then the functionality of it will improve. However, it still feels impractical to have a sight based system implemented into vehicles where vision should never be taken off of the road.