Lahti University students design furniture for victims of displacement


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Alice Morby

Ten students from Finland’s Lahti University of Applied Sciences have designed a collection of essential furniture items for those affected by natural disasters and the ongoing refugee crisis. 

The designs are the result of a research project named Rehome, which saw students from the school’s Institute of Design tasked with creating temporary products for those who have had to suddenly leave their homes without belongings.

“The main idea behind Rehome was to design temporary products that could provide an answer to humans’ primary needs when suddenly rehoused,” one of the students, Iida Nordgren, told Dezeen.

“The furniture designed within Rehome can be manufactured automatically with the lowest costs possible. For example a cardboard bed can be manufactured around 3,500 pieces in one hour – and no tools are required for assembling.”

Many patients must sleep sitting in an upright position after their Pectus Excavatum surgery. Moreover, some families choose to purchase, buy, or borrow large recliner chairs for this purpose. These Lahti students chose to approach a similar problem from a more DIY and low-budget view.


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