Getting Ready with Cerebral Palsy

Caitlin Using Setting Powder

Content sourced from:
“How I Put on Makeup with Cerebral Palsy: My Everyday Makeup Routine”
a YouTube video by Caitlin McConnell

 “[Applying primer] It is hard for me to blend things because I have limited range of motion in my hands and in my fingers, but I have learned to adapt”

 “I use a beauty blender to dot it on my face and blend it out. But I use the beauty blender the wrong way because it is hard for me to blend it out the right way and it takes me a very long time. But it still takes me a very long time even if I am doing it the wrong way.”

 “The next thing I put on is a stick concealer. My sister had to help me open it because I couldn’t open it myself.”

“It takes me a really long time to blend concealer, but I don’t know why.”

“It ends up falling in the sink because I didn’t hold onto it”

“I had a very hard time opening it [bronzer] because I didn’t know where the opening was… This also falls in the sink!”

“The final thing I put on is mascara. My sister has to help me with it because if I did it myself it would have gone everywhere!”

This YouTube video was very insightful and beneficial in understanding what types of issues individuals with cerebral palsy might go through when getting ready. Being able to visually see how she put makeup on was also very insightful.