Best Gardening Tools for Arthritis Sufferers

Radius Trowel

Original Article:
Best Gardening Tools for Arthritis Sufferers
by Shellane for Rheumatoid Arthritis Living

“There is no need to give up gardening just because you have arthritis! Numerous ergonomic gardening tools have been developed for people who have arthritis. Ease the pain by investing in some ergonomic garden tools and make gardening fun again! Radius Garden makes a line of hand tools that are specially designed for people with arthritis. They have a curved handle that alleviates the strain on your hands and wrists. They are lightweight, and at the same time very sturdy. Squeezing a nozzle on a garden hose can be difficult and tiring if you don’t have a lot of strength in your hands. A nozzle with a front squeeze makes it easier, but better yet is the Radius Garden Butterfly hose nozzle where you can set it and not have to hold anything down to make it spray. This nozzle can also be set up where you can just lay it on the ground and it will do the watering by itself. I love it! I love my flower gardens, but taking care of them can get difficult, especially in the spring with all the planting and weeding. Last year I bought the Radius Garden aluminum hand trowel. It is the best thing ever! My hands used to get so sore from the pressure of the handles on my garden tools. The palms of my hands would get black and blue. The ergonomic grip on the Radius garden tools provide a lot more leverage and relieve the stress on my wrists and hands. I love them! This year I added the Radius Garden Weeder. Oh my gosh! It cut my weeding time in half! Maybe even more. I have never used a weeder that worked this well. It digs right into the ground with hardly any effort. Once that ground is broke up you can just pull those weeds right up. ”

This article points out a great, arthritis friendly brand of tools for gardening with arthritis.