The Leaderboard (Web3 Dating App)


The Leaderboard is a Web3 Dating Application that gives users the option to reveal their financial lives and NFT wallet on their dating profile. Transparency becomes a mechanic for sexual preference. I am speculating on a future where NFTs are not just tradeable artworks, but rather encrypted information that acts as part of our social identity. When you buy a new car, you receive an NFT, when you receive a loan, you receive an NFT, when you attend a concert you also receive an NFT. The Leaderboard is not supposed to be an achievable or even a preferred future. Rather it is a discursive design project that asks us to think about our own spending behaviors. It asks – 

How much of our irrational spending comes from trying to “look the part”?

What would your dating profile look like? Would you still pose with your sports car if we knew it was still financed?

Creating the conjecture was an exploration of myself. I reflected on my own habits and irrational expenses. Why do we purchase Gucci? It’s a critique on the entire concept of celebrity endorsements and high fashion. There is enough design dedicated to asking more of consumers, I think it is refreshing to think about designing for less.

X – I am attracted to this concept because of the opportunities to play with dating app mechanics. I can decide on what the options are for preferences, how people chat, how people match, and what can be shown through the app. I like the idea of it being a subscription service that autonomously matches you and pays for your date. You just show up. All of the mechanics give room to color the landscape that is this speculative future.