The Wright Cycles Take Flight


This new installation would be a group activity to help encourage physical exercise, remember the Wright Brother’s origins, and put into perspective the required power for the first flight. The first flight was powered by a custom made 12 horse power engine. With this interactive exhibit people can cooperatively pedal in attempts to generate enough power for the platform to lift a off the ground. Each bike will be modeled after the Wright Cycle.

This is a cool callback to the brother’s cycle shop and how the flyer was made, too. It is an exhibit that gets your body moving and your mind. Its hands on which is a change of pace for the park. Getting people involved in the learning process keeps them engaged.

The problem with this model is scope. This is a very large undertaking that requires a lot of engineering and safety measures to consider. This is also a space consuming exhibit. The park doesn’t have a lot of space to put a hydraulic lift of this size.