Huntington Wrapped 2023


Spotify will do these yearly recaps “wrapped” where they show you:

  • The top artists you listened to
  • The number of hours spent listening to music
  • Top genres
  • Newly discovered Genres
  • and other metrics from their data

What if banks did the same thing? They might show:

  • Amount spent in categories
  • Total amount spent
  • Your top expenses (besides bills of course)
  • New places you started spending at
  • Your favorite branch
  • Your top ATM
  • Amount of money saved
  • Amount of earnings you have gained or lost compared to previous years
  • etc…

A yearly update will for one put time into perspective for its users. As years and time start to speed up, a reminder once a year that 365 days have passed can only help put things into perspective.

Secondly and more importantly, it will show data pertaining to spending, saving, and earnings for someone who does not keep track on their own. I presume that this would be beneficial for users’ saving accounts, but it might cut their spending habits and banks might lose money on interest.

However if one bank gave metrics like this, I as a user would greatly gain confidence in my bank as I would feel that they really do have my best interest in mind. This could build back rapport between banks and users.

IRS Wrapped 2023

Same conjecture concept as Huntington Wrapped 2023, but what if users were shown a breakdown of every single tax they’ve paid for the year and how much.

Spotify Wrapped –