Conjecture: Magnet Mover


The Magnet Mover is a giant horseshoe magnet that is flown in attached to a helicopter over a mass casualty site. Medics and military on the ground attach casualties to “magnet beds” that are attracted to the giant horseshoe magnet. When the horseshoe magnet flys over the area where the magnet beds and casualties are lying, it grabs them and the casualties are flown up and attached to the magnet. This allows for mass transportation in a short time and eliminates the need for the responders on the ground to physically move the casualties to another location. Instead of just moving one casualty at a time, the Magnet Mover allows for greater numbers to be moved to safety.


This conjecture answers the question of how to move a great number of people in one fell swoop. However, it could be incredibly dangerous to put patients on the “magnet beds” and have them fly up and attach to the horseshoe magnet. Flying through the open air with little protection may be counterintuitive for people already suffering from major injuries.