How AI Technology Will Transform Design


In the foreseeable future, a design created by AI will automatically inherit all industry best practices, freeing designers from time-consuming activities like UI design audits. AI tools will significantly speed up the user research and design exploration phase because the tools analyze massive amounts of data and can easily provide relevant details for a particular product (i.e., create a user persona, draft a user journey, and so on). As a result, it will be possible to develop new products right during brainstorming sessions, so designers are no longer limited to low-fidelity wireframes or paper sketches. The product team members will be able to see how the product will look and work right during the session.

AI-powered design solutions have an opportunity to become much more than just tools designers use to create assets. They have the chance to become a natural extension of the team. I believe that the true power of AI tools will shine when tools will learn from a creator and will be able to reflect the creator’s personality in the final design. Next-gen AI will learn both about you and from you and create works that functionality and aesthetics meet your needs and taste. As a result, the output the tools will produce will have a more authentic human fingerprint.

The future of design is bright because technology will allow more people to express their creativity and make our world more interesting and richer.


I chose this article because with developing technology it is a concern to many wondering which jobs with be able to withstand being pushed out due to new technology.


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