The Basics of the Cockpit


“Knowledge about the controls of an aircraft goes hand in hand with a strong grasp of the forces of flight and how an airplane operates. Becoming familiar with the major control surfaces of an aircraft will make it easier to command a cockpit. For example, a pilot will have a better understanding of how to efficiently operate an airplane’s rudders if he or she is confident in the knowledge of how a vertical stabilizer operates.”


Johnston, M. (2023, March 30). The basics of the cockpit all pilots should know – cal aero. CAU.


This is a completely factual article for upcoming pilots on common features of most plane controls. However, the article and the comments both connecting controls and understanding of the forces at work on the plane. Doing something and seeing the result is a great way to learn, rather than just being told what will happen. Perhaps some sort of interactive system that displays how the controls tip the plane would be a good way to start interest, almost like a flight simulator, but probably more playful and physical. It could even be a way to open the ability to get a freebie or a toy.