Stores Still Matter. Where’s Amazon?


People are eager to return to grocery stores, but Amazon seems to be missing the opportunity.

Nearly four years after Amazon agreed to a huge deal to buy Whole Foods and a year into a pandemic that played into the tech giant’s strengths, it’s worth asking two questions: Is Amazon losing in groceries? And why has one of the world’s most ambitious and inventive companies mostly been a follower rather than a leader in one of the biggest spending categories for Americans?

What Amazon does in groceries matters to all Americans, even if we never buy milk and bananas from the company. Consumers and Amazon’s competitors consider it to be at the cutting edge of innovation. But that’s not the case in groceries — at least not yet.


I find thins interesting because I would never have thought to by things like produce from Amazon especially at the time of this article, I only would consider it it after seeing things like Amazon fresh.



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