Air Taxis, Hyped for Years, May Finally Take Off


“In a document published on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration outlined the steps that it and others need to take to usher in a competitive air taxi market in at least one location by 2028 with limited operations starting as early as 2025. The vehicles look like small airplanes or helicopters and can take off and land vertically, allowing them to operate from the middle of cities, whisking people to airports or vacation destinations like the Hamptons in New York or Cape Cod in Massachusetts.”

“Air taxi companies will have to compete for scarce real estate, navigate city and state regulations, develop the infrastructure to charge or fuel aircraft, and gain acceptance from residents. They will also have to hire and train pilots, who are in high demand.”

Source: Chokshi, N. (2023, July 18). Air taxis, hyped for years, may finally take off. The New York Times.

Analysis: I think this gives credence to potential speculative designs and also following the story of aviation past airplanes and helicopters. I enjoy the design prototypes and the logistics the article brings up like safety regulations and zoning, as personally I disagree with this direction of the future but it was still inspiring with potential.