Kinesthetics: Sensors in Nike Pro Band


The concept behind this is a thin tactile-belt-like mechanism in the waistband of the running shorts. Based on the runner’s stats and goals (entered via app and stored in a cloud-based database) a race plan is created, indicating the zones on the track where the different running phases would be (for that specific athlete). The band would pulse or vibrate to give haptic feedback indicating the beginning of each zone and give the runner cues on how to run in each phase. The concept was based on a project called BlindTrack, where a similar belt was used to guide blind runners safely around the track using a belt with haptic feedback. Could a similar tool be used to give runners a better understanding of how to utilize the critical running phases properly?

  • The type of pulse or vibration patterns would need to be tested to find the most intuitive pattern, especially when people are moving at higher speeds
  • I don’t have a deep understanding of haptics and haptic feedback and the possibilities and potential of it, so that would be looked into.
  • I know that haptic feedback could be used to interact with virtual objects. So could objects like wickets or hurdles or even the bank of a track be made to be felt virtually with haptic feedback?