Conjectures: Technology


For this week’s conjecturing ideas, I tried to also design experiences without focusing on app ideas. So, as we talked about in class, designing a digital platform is just a form of user experience design rather than all of it.

This conjecture is like an interactive exhibition (or an interactive experience) using AR. It focuses on two points related to what you do not see on social media; First, what was happening before or after capturing this photo or video. Second, the different impacts of each post on different people. People who enter the exhibition see several social media posts hangings in the middle of the room. From different kinds of social media. Then, when they put the designed AR App in front of the picture, they could see some hidden comments they did not expect. Some unconscious consequences that they may think about before. For example, there is a post of someone showing them before and after six months of exercising with the caption about how they feel better. But here, the hidden comment is, “maybe your before body is someone’s after body, and posting it in this way may feel bad for some people” (Rubin, 2021)

Then when people walk to go to see the behind of each post through the app, they would see all the sad moments that users also experienced that day, but choose just share the happy moment for public


  • Does AR the best option for applying this idea?
  • Even if this idea makes people think about their actions on social media, they may need to learn about social media etiquette. How can this idea be developed to be more comprehensive about its objective?