Conjecture: Focus


This app operates by utilizing insights from human psychology. It monitors location data to produce a safety index for a given area. Sometimes, despite a place being safe, past incidents can leave a lasting impact on people’s perception of the area. This is especially true in locations with a history of regular crime. The application also provides a neighborhood index that offers a comprehensive view of the surrounding area, including nearby amenities, schools, walkability scores, and more. This function can be particularly useful for individuals who are moving to a new area and do not have reliable sources. Moreover, the “Connect to People” feature allows users to communicate with others (anonymously or otherwise) to learn about the neighborhood.

By monitoring a person’s heart rate, this app can detect and track their anxiety levels when they are traveling alone or late at night. The app can also share their location with the people who the user wants to share with, and offer tools or techniques to help alleviate their anxiety.

In terms of features, this app is an amalgamation of various features available in other apps. In fact, I was inspired by a few safety features across these apps.