Business Conjecture


In the business section, regarding creativity and children’s education, the economic issues behind childcare were highly discussed. The market for childcare is giant. Parents and Tutors have to spend a lot of money to raise their children. So I visualized this solution for extra money and also recycling. You exchange old toys and earn money.


Regarding all the conjectures I did this week, I guess this is the most horrible idea I have ever had.

First: All the toy materials are recyclable? Recycling companies could be interested in it, but I’m not sure about the toy industries. If they are not recyclable would they end up going to the trash?

Why not donate toys in good condition? The life cycle of it would be higher than this toy change booth.

Is it enough money to save for college? Probably the companies would pay pennies for it and people that don’t want to donate it would prefer to sell it online

If the toy was completely destroyed maybe it would work. But isn’t it the same of put a broken toy in the recyclable bin?