Making biobased materials visible: learn by playing with them


The exciting thing about the materials is being able to play with them. The exhibition will demonstrate the possibility of transitioning materials through play, as when we were little. Yes, like when we were little and used plasticine or play-doh to create figures and be able to tell a story. Now they will experiment with seaweed and fungi to demonstrate how natural materials behave.

In recent years, products with various biobased materials have been developed but have yet to have greater exposure for people to know about these advances. Bearing in mind the little diffusion, it is proposed to make an exhibition where fungi-based and seaweed-based materials are shown. In addition, anyone who attends or visits the expo can take a sample of each one to keep in mind that there is always the possibility of doing things differently. Additionally, they can register for a workshop to replicate one of the two materials and build a decorative object. By offering the option of interacting with this material, it seeks to generate a reaction in the audience to go out to tell the experience and replicate the knowledge of voice to voice.

The exhibition consists of three spaces. The first space focuses on showing the stages of production of synthetic polymers such as polyethylene terephthalate (PP) to the final product, choosing a popular object, which will depend on the city where it is exhibited. The second space shows the biobased materials, including production stages and final objects. The last area is to reflect on the relationship built around the “throw-away culture.” Also, in this space, we planned to carry out the workshop.