Why Immersive Learning for Sports


Immersive Learning lets players practice anytime, anywhere, just as if they were on the field, court, slopes, ice, or course. A Virtual Reality (VR) sports environment lets athletes accelerate their training regimen, even on the road, giving them the chance to run unlimited reps in the most realistic environment possible, so they can be ready to perform at their absolute best when it truly matters.

These case studies go over different sports that use STRIVR VR technology. Although VR is different from AR, VR is being used in sports training more than AR is. This makes me question why and if AR is the best tool to use. I think AR including a view of real surroundings is what gives it a leg up over VR, but immersive experiences can give you the feeling of real surroundings without needing to be in them.

“Over the 2016-17 NBA season, the Washington Wizards used Strivr to help strengthen its team’s performance on several fronts, accelerating mental preparation, strategy, and play knowledge.”