GaCha 2019: The Top 3 Emotion AI Game Concepts

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Creating the future of gaming culture! We’re looking forward to devcom 2021. In preparation for the event, we would like to do a recap of the top 3 emotion AI game concepts which been developed for audEERING’s Game Challenge 2019. Young developers from all over the world used audEERING’s emotion detection to create their own game. Have a look and enjoy the new way of gaming.

Emotion Detection for Games

entertAIn play is our tool for detecting the player’s emotions through audio. The vision for gaming culture is to focus on the gamer’s input. entertAIn play uses the emotional reactions gamers have, while immersing themselves in the world of the game. It’s all about creating emotional communication between the gamer and the character, with the software systems for real-time detection of emotions from audio. entertAIn play performs on any platform, from a VR headset to a casual mobile phone.
Powered by emotion. In this challenge the developers received a model with basic emotions – happiness, excitement, anger, sadness, relaxation & boredom. In addition to that, they could work with the following details of the voice: urgency, control & pleasantness. The Game Challenge showed up with an immense potential. Take a look at our Top 3 AI Emotion concepts:

1st winner DESTINY
DESTINY is a fascinating TPS fantasy game, using emotions in your voice to charge up your ultimate healing spells and unleash magical power. The player slips into the role of the goddess Elise and her companion Opana to fight evil demons and secure the nexus temples, to bring back balance to the world.
2nd place BLACK MARKET
In BLACK MARKET the player uses emotions from voice to trigger magic spells, unlock cursed treasure chests and conjure a vast variety of magic runes. Your emotions lead you through the time of wizards and warlocks, where the black market was the place to trade powerful magical objects.
3rd place MASHER
MASHER is an arcade-style VR game, where the emotional input forms the gaming event and makes characters stronger or weakens them. The player has to fight his way through hordes of enemies and be careful with his input: the more enraged he is, the higher his damage, but a relaxed voice helps him to regenerate faster.

Personal Reflection:
This article introduces 3 emotion AI concepts in Gacha 2019. The developer provided enterAIn play, which is driven by emotions. In this game, game developers received a model with basic emotions – happy, excited, angry, sad, relaxed and bored. In addition to that, they could handle the following details of sound: urgency, control and pleasure. The Gacha shows great potential. This article brought my interest in understanding emotion analysis models like enterAln play. It certainly fits well with my research interests – I hope to study how emotions are represented in video games and what changes designers can make for emotional representation. Sound is a new entrypoint for me. It can express player’s emotion greatly. The new technology and challenges it involves are also undeniable.

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