We are not always directly interested in technological trends until we witness them directly. That being said, this incarnation is most obvious in the global video game industry with a turnover of more than $200 billion. Playing a new VR game or hanging out in an addictive metaverse, you gradually realize that you have already joined the trends. Or is this realization yet to come?

Video games have come a long way from toxic-bright pixelated platformers to ultra-realistic open worlds with thousands of real-time players. The development of visuals and interactivity is inextricably linked with the development of technology, which gives a technical opportunity to deploy resource-intensive processes.

And if you’re interested in learning more about what new gaming technologies are shaping the modern world, join our short but fact-rich tour. Or skip to that very bonus trend. We wonder if you have any idea about it.

Trend #1. The Metaverse. Headlong Dive into Virtuality
Trend #2. Cloud Gaming. Cure For Hardware Addiction
Trend #3. Blockchain and P2E. Real Earnings on Games
Trend #4. The Rise of Indie Games. Life-Giving Source of the Game Industry
Trend #5. Remakes and Reboots. Your “Miss Me?” Old Fellows

Personal Reflection:
One of the most striking points for me of this article is that the author discusses the future of “Cloud Gaming”. Have you ever had these kind of experiences when recommending a great game to a friend?

You: “It’s a great game, it’s wonderful at… (skip 1000 words)”
Friend: “Sounds great, but I don’t have enough storage on my computer/console.”

That sucks! Right? However, in Cloud Gaming, it won’t be a problem anymore! Just as the article said, it spares low-end devices, saves computer storage. It’s true that all the processing power needed to run the game is provided by the cloud, while the player simply enjoys a state-of-the-art product on their not-so-powerful PC. There’s a game I really like called Genshin Impact that has also published a Cloud Game server. It’s really amazing: Cloud Gaming doesn’t need any storage on your device, but it can give you the highest quality gaming experience, and it doesn’t even require your device to have a powerful graphics card — the only thing you need is your Internet. Then you can download anything automatically from the cloud gaming servers!
I read many articles about the technology trending in 2023, and I must say this article is the best — it discusses a wide range of emerging technologies, but not only limited to those trends we already know, like AR, VR, AI, etc. Thus, I strongly recommend for this!

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