Science & Technology Conjecture: Raised Bed Island


For this conjecture, I primarily referenced what I learned from the Earthship article to form the raised bed walls. The walls would feature glass bottles to reduce the overall weight and material amount, as well as to add beauty. The raised bed would have curves and slant downward for waterfall flow.

The raised bed island would feature a variety of plants and greenery with realistic looking rocks and the waterfall would cycle through. There would be a basin for water collection at the lower base of the structure with a water pump. Tubes would be attached to the pump to bring the water from the basin back to the top of the waterfall again. Additional technology could be used to develop organic and realistically shaped rock formations.

There is the opportunity to provide curved seating along the exterior walls of the structure for people passing by or who simply want to stop and enjoy the greenery. I also included an area to enter underneath the tall side. I imagine this could be a cool experience for children and adults as the inside would feature more mosaic glass but with lights behind them to create a kaleidoscope effect with colorful reflections. There is also the possibility of developing a system where the flowing water powers a motor to power the lights.


From this conjecture, my favorite aspect is the idea of using glass and mosaic techniques paired with lights. I think this could be very beautiful and be interesting to pair with water and plant life in my future design explorations.