This Nio EP9 Art Car Has Been Painted Entirely By Hand



The Nio EP9 is a collaboration between NextEV, from Hong Kong, as well as designers and performance specialists from Britain and the United States. People were weary of a completely electric hypercar coming from Hong Kong as they aren’t known for their cars, but quickly quieted down once the details of the cars power were released. This includes the 1,360 horsepower, light curb weight, and a 6 minute and 40 second lap time around the Nurburgring putting it as the second fastest lap time with the Volkswagen ID.R in first making this closer to a race car than a road car.

This model has only 16 units produced with this car being stripped of the electrical drivetrain and given to Ornamental Conifer in Los Angeles as a completely hand-painted art project. The Nio EP9 is entirely based off of the Formula E circuit which is typical for a fully-electric track car. Underneath the model, when the two rapid recharge batteries are included, it can brake with double force of GT3 race cars. This model has competed on two racetracks in China, one in Malaysia, and one in England. Its electrical drivetrain makes it illegal to use on the roads, but it’s power can run at the same speeds as the LaFerrari FXXK Evo and beats other electric production cars aside from the fully-electric Lotus Evija with it possibly being at the same speeds as the Rimac Nevera.

This car is the only one in the world out of the models run and the only one available ever for purchase in the United States where it can be kept as an art piece or have the electric powertrain restored. If the purchaser decides to restore the powertrain, it must be trailered to any track considering its power and speed is illegal on roads in any country in the world.


EVs are developing and developing with speed! The Nio EP9’s build puts it at the top of its category in electric vehicles as well as in the top rankings of race cars overall. This impressive of a model shows how EVs can provide for any category of vehicles. We are not limited to gas, diesel, or ethanol powered vehicles anymore. With how well EVs are evolving in every category, its no wonder that households, commercial businesses, car companies, and legislation are moving their focus to EVs. Not only are they better for the environment, but they can perform just as well and in a lot of cases even better than traditional vehicles in the same category.

The idea to turn one out of only sixteen produced of this model into an undriveable art car and completely rid of the astonishing electric powertrain is a bold move but smart nonetheless. It carries a higher sales price with its rarity and unique additions and will have an even higher price if the purchaser wants to restore its power.


Publisher: Top Speed

Author: Sam Weber

Date: September 28, 2022