Business Conjecture: Online Itinerary


Digital Interface

Digital display showing the itinerary for the HYVE-3D.

The exterior of the room housing the HYVE-3D could host a digital interface that both displays the daily plans for the system as well as offer a place to sign-up and schedule your own time with the technology. The informative screen could share general information regarding the space, when it is unavailable (and available) and what it is being used for at what time. Staff within Dominion Middle School can more easily collaborate with each other’s schedules, offering a series of demos, briefings, lesson plans, or whatever else suits the situation. Weekly trainings could be held, or better yet, a digital tutorial could be uploaded to an external site accessed through the board. People who have trained to use the HYVE-3D can then have the ability to schedule time in the room.

Mock-up of potential app paired with HYVE-3D systems.

Mobile Integration

Not only could the HYVE-3D be integrated into a more public digital space, but a more accessible one as well. Having a mobile application that connects directly to the HYVE-3D’s itinerary/schedule can offer communities around Columbus a more streamline way to organize meetings that surround the system. What other ways could we use our phones and other ubiquitous tech to enhance the experience surrounding the HYVE-3D?